Absact is personal portfolio of Damir Sel, experienced web and desktop software developer and designer based in Serbia.


For businesses, a website can be an essential tool in its growth. Whether you're starting out and want to get a new website up and running quickly or require specialized development to meet your specific needs, I'm here to help you. The goal is to provide you with a high-quality service that makes a positive impact for your business.
At moment I'm busy, but always available for future.

As on Web,

As a Web Developer I'm passionate about architecture and development of cutting-edge cross-browser web systems in compliance with W3C Standards. I'm specialized in delivering high quality front-end and back-end solutions, using MVC (Model, View, Controller) approach to application development which enables me to write clean, easy customizable and CMS friendly code.

so on Desktop.

As a Desktop developer I provide full life cycle of software development services - from requirement gathering and analysis to implementation, support and maintenance. I'm able to deliver any kind of stand-alone desktop or client-server application with or without graphical user interface, based on the Windows platform and .NET environment, powered by appropriate database engine.


Every now and then I've been asked to look at applications to ensure it's as secure, efficient and clean as possible. While checking projects in final stages, prior to launching, very often I have noticed SQL injection issues, potential XSS holes and plenty of other issues that are easy to resolve but sometimes hard to notice. Having a thorough check by somebody with years of experience can be of help to any application.